September 17, 2013

161 days later...

It's been 161 since we have seen our furniture, toys, pictures, pots and pans, in short: our household goods . 161 days of living out of suitcases in hotels or other people's houses (oh, and a camper for a 2 week period).

It's about time that we get our stuff back.

Time to have a home again.


Tomorrow, one week and one day after we finally arrived at our new duty station, after a nightmare of TDY and waiting on leave, we move into our new house AND get our household goods delivered. We won't have internet for a few days, but that's a small sacrifice compared to what we are gaining. Now let's hope that everything arrives undamaged and that the move-in goes smoothly. Talk to you in a few days!


Mrs. 1st Lt said...

oh its glorious to get it back. GLORIOUS!! enjoy!

Maia said...

I've been out of comment mode since I updated my phone! Cannot comment while I breastfeed, which is my commenting time!! Anyhow, I've had it in my brain to jump on the computer just to say...I'm so glad! Hope all is well. You are in my prayers.